We caught up with DJ/Producer Kellie Allen to talk guilty pleasures, Ibiza style and the hottest parties you need to be at this summer…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Kellie, I’m 31 years old and I live in Ibiza where I am a DJ, producer and musician. I also own a business with my boyfriend called the HUB. – it’s a stylish and inspiring space for freelancers, creatives and professionals to work from. Lastly I also have an art collection called Ibiza Heart, made from recycled pallet wood with Ibiza at heart.

What does a day in the life of Kellie Allen look like?

My days are really varied because I have a lot of different projects on the go. A typical day spent focusing on music would start with an early morning swim or PT session followed by walking my dog and having a late breakfast/early lunch and a coffee. I have a home studio set up in my villa here so I’d shut myself in there with plenty of water and snacks, set some mood lighting and get creative! I like to listen to a lot of music – old and new – before and during the creation process of a new production. It helps me to focus and often some influences from the older records I love make it into my productions. It’s really hard to say how long I’ll spend in the studio in a typical day but usually it ends up with me going to bed really late, only stopping for something to eat and drink before knuckling back down again!

Who do you look to for fashion inspiration?

I wouldn’t say any one person. I flit between classic and sophisticated versus fun, cute, loud depending on my mood. There are a lot of style icons in Ibiza, from the weird, wacky statement dressers to the classy, timeless and understated. I wouldn’t say I fit into any particular trend although when I DJ I tend to wear a lot of black!

What is the biggest gig you’ve ever played?

Well I’m due to play on the Terrace at Amnesia on 6th July for Cream Ibiza, supporting Fatboy Slim so I think that will be the biggest of them to date! But that’s in the future so up until now, the biggest gig for me was closing the Basement at Sankeys Ibiza for Tribal Sessions last summer, taking over from Miguel Campbell. The room was packed solid and the atmosphere was electric. If I ever had to pick 3 moments in life that I’m most grateful for, playing that closing set is one of them.

Where is the best crowd to play to?

I really enjoy the boat party crowds you know! Everyone is well up for a laugh and you’ve got them for 3 hours so you can go right in with the energy levels and play a good range of music! I opened my set last week with Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Remix) and it went off! Such an Ibiza classic…

You’re playing at Cream Ibiza this year, are you excited?

No, not at all. HA! Of course I am excited… It feels like a lifetime ago that I was asked to play and now it’s a week away! I think I’ll have a fair dose of the nerves and shakes before I go on but I honestly cannot wait to be there!

Have you planned your outfit for this gig already?

Actually, yes! I saw a friend of mine in DC-10 a couple of weeks ago wearing the most stunning sequinned top, so I think thats the vibe I’m going for.

What artists inspired you to pursue a career in the music industry?

In terms of a career in DJing and production I love Eats Everything’s, it really helps to keep me motivated knowing how close he came to giving it all up, but with sheer determination pushed through and got his big break. I actually started out as a singer/songwriter before my DJing career and I was obsessed with singers such as Karen Carpenter, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey growing up.

What are your travel essentials?

Headphones, USBs, laptop, phone charger, make up, contact lenses.

What is your go to outfit whilst playing?

Like I said I wear a lot of black. I have two favourite mini skirts that I LOVE! I usually team them with something simple like a loose black vest top.

Where would you like to travel to next?

I’ve got plans to take 2 months out at the beginning of next year with my boyfriend and we are going to head to Singapore and start our Asian travel adventures from there. We’ve got good friends in Singapore so we’ll take a good few days out there before moving on to explore other places! I can’t wait!

What song gets you in the party spirit right now?

I always reach for my favourite remix of all time: Shakedown – At Night (Kid Creme Funksta Mix)

What is your go to Summer anthem?

I think this year’s summer anthem will be Leftwing & Kody’s Sound Boy – any lovers of garage will recognise the lyrics instantly! I was in the garden at DC-10 when I first heard this and the crowd went mental for it! A big tune for Ibiza this year for sure.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Oooooh I am a lover of all things funk and soul but for that I am certainly not guilty! I absolutely love Simply Red though so I guess that’s my guilty pleasure? I still don’t feel that guilty though!!

If you weren’t a DJ what career would you have taken?

I need to create to feel alive so if I wasn’t a DJ/Producer I would probably be doing my side line project as a main career, my Ibiza Heart collection. Check it out on Facebook

What are 3 items of clothing you cannot live without?

My leather-look mini skirts, an amazing bespoke maxi dress the I’ve had designed for me by my good friend and my favourite thick knitted jumper that I live in during the winter months, its super oversized and so cosy!

What are 3 emojis that best describe you?

headphones, rock hand signal and the geek face with the glasses on

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Kellie Allen will be performing @ Cream Ibiza this Thursday 6th July, for more info and tickets visit

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