10 Friends We All Have

Whether your squad is super sized or extremely selective there are certain types of friends we all have. Here are a few we think you will definitely identify with.

1. The Flirt

This is the girl that loves to be centre of attention, often seen wearing daringly skimpy outfits she can’t help but flirt with everyone (and everything) she crosses. Although she insists she would never hook up with your boyfriend, you will never leave them alone… just to be on the safe side.


2.The Party Girl

The party girl is the fun one, shes lives life on the go and her name is always on the guestlist to the hottest events. She is spontaneous and can often be a bad influence as she tends to lead the rest of the group astray.


3.The Bitch

This girl is not to be messed with. She is the straight talking one that has no problem calling you out. Although you are secretly terrified of her, you know she will always have your back when you need her.


4.The Foodie

We all love food,  but for this girl food is everything! She always dines out at the fanciest establishments and this gourmet goddess wont accepts anything less than the finest cuisine for your girly outings.


5.The Cheapskate

We all love a bargain, but this girl is the one who will go out of the way to save every last penny.  She is always the culprit for having no change to chip into the group taxi and despite including her in several rounds you are still awaiting your drink in return.


6.The MIA Friend

She is part of your WhatsApp group but has zero input (despite reading each message) and is always invited to your social gatherings but seems to find excuse to not attend. To be honest when she does attends you barely notice she’s there…


7.The Traveller

This is the friend who is off travelling the world and you’re pretty sure they aren’t coming back. Besides being majorly envious of their bikini clad insta pics in tropical locations, you love hearing about all their adventures on your regular Skype sessions.


8.The Clingy One

The one who is slightly obsessed with you. She texts you 24/7 (even when you don’t reply) and gets jealous if you make plans with other friends without inviting her. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to shake her off.

clingy one

9.The Fake Friend

The social scene is very small, and it seems you stumble across this ‘friend’ an awful lot. There is a lot of  polite air kisses and over the top compliments but lets face it… you really can’t stand the girl.


10.The Dirty Minded One

From crude jokes to an overly detailed run down of a sexual encounter her dirty outbursts get the whole group in stitches. She is often the prankster and sometimes a little immature, but although her explicit sense of humour never fails to lower the tone, you wouldn’t have it any other way.


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