jamie dornan birthday


It’s Jamie Dornan’s birthday today – and it’s safe to say we’re all pretty grateful for his existence. There’s no denying he was 80% the reason we all watched 50 Shades of Grey and even though it’s over, we’re still crushin’ real hard.

To celebrate his big day, we’ve rounded up a necessary gallery of fit pics of one of our fave men in Hollywood – from becoming the iconic Mr Grey, to being a work of art for Calvin Klein… Thank us later, girls (and probably save this to bookmarks for a rainy day)!

jamie dornan calvin klein

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how great Jamie’s Calvin Klein days were?

jamie dornan

Just casually showin’ off his biceps… He can lift, we’re impressed…

50 shades wedding

Brb just photoshopping our faces onto Ana’s…

jamie dornan birthday

How we picture our future hubby’s to be like when we wake up in the morning…

jamie dornan

Just another for good measure…

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