Ugh, is Bank Hol really over already? Work vibes got us dreamin’ of the 8 stages of the weekend we just had…

Stage 1 –

FRI-YAY – it’s the frikkinn’ weekend babe, you’re leavin’ work behind  and you’re ready to get extra.

Stage 2 –

You wake up hungover AF, your friends have text you 27 embarrassing pics of you last night and yes TBF you may have gone a littleeee hard so, you just lay there listening to what you got up to like…

Stage 3 –

FFS… it’s time for the first dreaded bank balance check … them feels when you’re not even half way through the weekend yet…

Stage 4 –

But then again, who cares! It’s Bank freakin’ holiday bae!

YAAAASS for ROUND 2! It’s 5pm somewhere right? Pass us the prosecco!

Stage 5 –

You wake up hungover AF AGAIN, you think you might actually be dead and hunnn, the fear is defos REAL – “what did I even do last night? And pls don’t tell me I have to sit through a family Easter Sunday lunch…”

Stage 6 –

Babe, it’s time for bank balance update number 2 and this time it’s really not kk… You swear to the gals that you are NOT going out again… and make a manic smoothie in an attempt to cancel out those cheesy chips at 3am last night…


Stage 7 –

But… you get serious FOMO looking at your friends’ Insta stories end up doin’ it anyway!

Stage 8 –

You wake up and…it cannot be Tuesday already? Surely?

FFS … Is there such a thing as blue Tuesday?

Oh well, only 2 days until Friday… tag us in all your bank holiday vibes from the weekend @InTheStyle and check out all our dresses for your next big night out!

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