Binky – A Typical Day In Cannes

Hi girls, I’m really getting into writing for my guest slot on the In The Style blog!

Thank you to those who tweeted @inthestyleUK with questions for me to answer. There were lots of you that wanted to know about how I spend my time when I’m away, including what I wear, what I eat and how I relax.

So I decided it would be nice to describe my typical day in Cannes.

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I WAKE UP AT AROUND 8:30AM, the villa is gorgeous so I try and do some morning exercises – just around half an hour to start the day feeling fresh.

AFTER GETTING READY I LIKE TO HAVE A NICE BREAKFAST. I love a long shower in the morning, and I now realise the importance of looking after my skin. Once I have cleansed my face, I apply a little bit of make-up, as I hate wearing too much in the heat.
For breakfast I like to mix it up, I love anything from eggs, smoothies, fruit or the occasional bacon sandwich – but a nice cup of tea is an absolute 

I LOVE EFFORTLESS, BOHEMIAN STYLING, this gorgeous peach co-ord is from my new range and I adore it! It’s perfect to wear on warm days, but so easy to glam up if you’re going somewhere nice! Get one while you can here.

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I LIKE TO BE ORGANISED AND PLAN MY SCHEDULE, I get on really well with my agent Gemma, we work closely to make sure that my diary is organised and I get all of my work done. At the moment, I’m researching into Autumn/Winter trends for my next collection – I’m not supposed to say too much, but I’m so excited about this range, and really proud of the designs!

I STAY SAFE IN THE SUN, BUT LOVE TO GET A GLOW, as you get older, you realise how important it is to look after yourself. I always wear a good spf on holiday, and top up my tan with a little bronzer for nights out!

LUNCH IS USUALLY A NICE SALAD, when it’s really warm I don’t fancy anything too heavy. I always have some snacks to hand though so I can pick at them throughout the day.

DINNER = CATCHING UP WITH FRIENDS, I love going out for dinner, and there are so many beautiful restaurants here in Cannes! I tend to treat myself and order what I fancy, and also have a couple of cocktails. 

AFTER 8PM, IT’S COCKTAIL TIME! My favourite cocktail at the moment is a Gin & Elderflower Fizz, it’s so refreshing.

I’ve had so much fun filming Made In Chelsea this season, despite the dramas I have such a great circle of friends and feel lucky to spend so much time with them! A few of the girls have already requested a few pieces from my range – it’s a great feeling to see girls in my designs.

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If you have any questions you would like me to answer or ideas for my next post, send a tweet to @inthestyleUK



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