Blogger of the Week: Rhia Styles

Meet our blogger of the week, Rhia Styles! We caught up with her to talk all blogging tips, fashion disasters and how to nail that perfect selfie.

You always look amazing – are you body confident? 
Thank you! I would say I’m about 95% body confident. I’d love for that percentage to be 100%, but if I was to say that now it wouldn’t be true. We all have our flaws, wobbly bits and things we’d like to change, but I really have learnt to love the skin I’m in and embrace every flaw. Don’t get me wrong I have down days when I think “I wish I could change this” or “Maybe I should change that” but you are who you are and it’s what’s inside that makes you truly beautiful.
You’re on a night out with the girls, what drink do you order at the bar?
I have to be the fussiest person on a night out! I don’t drink any fizzy drinks so I tend to go for either a fruity cocktail or a Malibu and pineapple.
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Do you have any beauty or make-up tips you can share?
I think the best beauty and make-up related tip I can give you guys would be to religiously look after your skin! Choose a skincare regime that works best for you for both morning and night. The more you take care of your skin the better it will become. Having clear skin gives you a great base to work with when doing your make-up.
Have you ever had a fashion disaster?
Uhhh! Yes! I was on a girls night out a couple of years ago and the outfit I’d chosen meant I had to wear one of those horrible stick on bras. As the night went on whilst I was having a dance, my friend literally dived on top of me and was like “OMG YOUR BRA!!!”, I’d had one too many drinks by this point and I was totally oblivious to the fact that my stick on bra had come unstuck and was hanging down my front and was no longer attached to my boobs, but attached to my belly instead! Safe to say I’ve stayed away from stick on bra’s ever since…
Where is your favourite place to make a dinner reservation?
There’s the cutest american diner close to where I live called Arbuckles. My other half and I basically spend all our time together in there. Even much so we got brought Arbuckles vouchers for Christmas last year!
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What is your favourite movie of all time?
My favourite movie of all time has got to be Pearl Harbour. Everytime I watch it I will cry without fail, even if I’ve seen it 101 times!
Night in with a takeaway or night out with cocktails?
I’m a sucker for takeaways so 100% a night in with a takeaway.
What are you tips for taking a good selfie?

My tips for taking a good selfie is good lighting! Everyone looks better in a selfie when the lighting is good.



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