In The Style with… Bethan Sowerby

In this feature of ‘Model Recommendations’ we will be catching up with Bethan Sowerby.
If she seems familiar, she may well have served you in Topshop – or you may have seen her on Britain’s Next Top Model?

Down to Earth, northern and beautiful – Bethan is described as a breath of fresh air in the industry!

We caught up with her to talk crushes, twerking and how to take the perfect selfie!



Hi Beth, having been on Britain’s Next Top Model, we doubt you can take a bad picture – but what’s the most embarrassing pic on your phone?!

Hi! Haha that’s really hard! I do like to try and take funny pictures of myself, the worst are when I try to see how many double chins I can make!

You obviously have a wardrobe to die for, but what is you absolute must-have item?

I know this is boring, but just black jeans, they’re a just a classic staple and so versatile.

What are your top 3 Handbag essentials?

  1. My pug diary
  2. Chewing gum
  3. And of course… my phone

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What is your favourite dance move?

My signature dancemove is definitely twerking!


What is your most used emoji?

Crying laughing face definitely!

You’ve met plenty of celebs on the red carpet, but who is your celeb crush?

I always say Theo James, my boyfriend kills me when I say that! He’s always like ‘Who the hell is Theo James?!’



We love watching you on Snapchat – Who’s Snapchat are you obsessed with?

Haha – my boyfriend’s as he’s in Magaluf at the moment!

Ok, important question – Do you have any advice for taking a good selfie?

Ok – haha. Stand in front of a window, because the natural light will reflect in your eyes, and makes you look prettier than you actually are!

But then again you will look like a catfish, so that when people meet you in real life they’re like ‘OH’!


What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

I love anything remotely bohemian – so I’m really loving festival styles!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I would say cheese, but I dont feel guilty about that – I just love cheese!

My guilty pleasure would have to be teddies! I’m obsessed – I have so many on my bed – I’m a bit of a collector!




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