In The Style with… Sylvija Vasilevska

Model and Insta bae Sylvija Vasilevska is set for a social media takeover!

Blonde, beautiful and hilarious – Sylvija who is originally from Lithuania, has modelled for fashion brands the world over.
Aside from shooting fashion campaigns, she is a social celebrity with over 200,000 followers.


We caught up with Sylvija to discuss everything from celeb crushes, makeup tips and bad habits!

Read our quick fire round below…

Heels or flats?

Who is your Man Crush?
Alex from Love Island

Who was the last person that text you?
My mum – asking what I wanted for dinner!

What is your most used emoji?
Laughing face definitely

What is your favourite cocktail?
Sex On The Beach

What is your favourite song at the moment?
DJ Khaled – For Free

Tell us your worst habit?
Having the occasional sun bed and partying too much!

Do you have any advice for girls that want to model?
Be yourself! And don’t take it personally when people don’t say you’re right.
Every agency and brand has something very specific in mind.

What is your favourite food?
Sushi – all day every day! I can’t live without it.
I was actually thinking before, I should go and get some takeaway sushi.

You are known for your flawless makeup – tell us some tips!
Always set your foundation with Laura Mercier powder, it really gives that flawless finish.

You can shop Sylvia’s style – HERE

But here are a few of our faves…


Ethna Bardot Playsuit £22.99



Surya £24.99



Roby Black Key Hole Dess £19.99



Simona Cold Shoulder Dress £24.99



Olivie Striped Bardot Top £24.99



Lexie Silky Bomber Jacket £26.99



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