It’s less than a week till the big day, and we just can’t cope with the excitement!

What better way to unwind than catchin’ up with our #1 Essex babe, Billie Faiers.

We unwrapped everythaaaang from her fave Christmas memories, what she’ll be wearing on the big day and what exactly goes down during a Faiers Christmas!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet, Billie? Yes, I have started Christmas shopping! My garage is getting full-up with boxes that are being delivered with stuff for Nelly and Arthur.

Does Christmas feel more special now that you’re a mum? Definitely! I think it’s so exciting when you’re a mum, and you’ve got children around Christmas.

So, what’s the usual Christmas Day like at the Faiers’? Wake up in the morning, have tea and biscuits around the tree and open up all the presents. We always have a crispy bacon bagel for breakfast on Christmas morning then we get ready, play with the kids and their toys and have Bucks Fizz to cheers to Christmas! Then we’ll have a big family Christmas Day with dinner and it just turns into a big party in the evening.

Aw, sounds lush! Where will you spend Christmas Day this year? This year I’m spending it at Samantha’s with all of the family.

Cute! What time will you be getting up? Oh god – we’ll probably be up about 5am in our house, if not earlier! Whatever time Nelly decides to wake up that morning.

And then how do you spend the afternoon? With all the kids, playing with all of their new toys. Also, listening to Christmas music, dancing and drinking Prosecco!

Are you gonna go all-out Kardashian and get matching PJs? I’ll definitely get the kids matching. I don’t know about me and Greg!

What will you be wearing on the big day? Do you go glam or casual? Probably something in-between like a nice jumper dress.

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year? I’m hoping to find maybe some new shoes, some jewellery, clothes, make-up – all the usual!

What’s the best present you’ve ever received? Last year Greg made me a video and it was all of memories of us being together and Nelly. It was all done to music and it was really lovely and really thoughtful!

That’s adorable! Will Greg be doing the cooking this year, or are you the chef? I am actually quite a good chef! For the last few years, I’ve done the cooking and I’ve had everyone at mine but this year I’ve got the year off because I’m going to Samantha’s. I think my Mum will being doing it this year.

What’s your fave Christmas memory? Just being with Samantha at home when we were younger. Waking up at three or four in the morning, finding our Christmas sacks at the end of the bed, going into each-others rooms and opening one present then going back to sleep until around 6am!

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