Christmas is prime time to catch-up with loved ones so obvs we took the chance to get together with our girl Olivia Attwood for a fabulous festive goss!

We unwrapped everything from her Christmas beauty tips, her highlights of 2017 and what her and Chris will be getting up to during the most magical time of the year.

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe this year, Liv? Obviously, it’s got to be Chris!

What are your plans with Chris over the Christmas period? We’re going to try and go away to New York for a long weekend in late December to get our Christmas shopping done. Hopefully, it’ll be really snowy and cute!

What are your plans for Christmas and New Year? For Christmas, I’m doing it with my friends in a big hotel in Surrey. For New Year, I haven’t got any plans yet! I’m not a New Years Even fan – I quite like having a NYE in.

Do you get dressed up for Christmas Day? It depends what I’m doing! This year, I’m at a hotel so I’ll get dressed up and wear something seasonal. In past years, we’ve done a full PJ party with all the family opening presents!

That’s cute! What would be your ideal festive celebration? My idea of the best Christmas party is having all of my mates around the kitchen, with everyone just singing Christmas songs and getting really drunk and dancing on the tables!

Have you ever had any Christmas Day disasters? Well, almost every year since I’ve been old enough, I’ve got really drunk on Christmas Eve so on the first part of Christmas Day, I’m just not mentally there! I’ve had some tough Christmas Day mornings.

What’s your fave Christmas tipple and foods? I really do love cold Mince Pies but not warm ones – they have to be cold! I always stick to my usual drink so that doesn’t change; always Champagne or Prosecco!

What do you want for Christmas this year? I feel like, materially, I have everything that I want – which sounds bad. There’s nothing specific that I want but I wouldn’t mind a miniature horse …but I don’t know where I’d keep it! If someone could find some way to keep a miniature one that would be good, as I don’t want a full-size horse again.

Who would you like to see wearing your In The Style designs this Christmas? Morgan Stewart from E! News.

What are your style rules for dressing for party season? For Winter, I think you need to be sexy with some skin on show but I always think about warmth as well which I know is really sad. I always go for an over-the-knee boot – you can’t got wrong!

What are your top beauty tips for this time of year? Definitely make sure you fake tan as no-one likes a pale person! Also, go heavy on moisturiser and hair masks as it’s a very dry time of year.

Have you enjoyed working with In The Style this year? YES! I have LOVED every second of it. They’re such amazing girls to work with, and it’s such a cool brand.

Finally, what’s been your highlight of 2017? Obviously, Love Island was a big highlight for me but I would have to say that signing with In The Style has been the biggest achievement for me.

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