Sister Style

2015 saw the rise of super stylish sister’s and as far as 2016 is going it doesn’t look set to stop…So, if you’re lucky enough to have a sister grab them now and take some inspiration from some of our faves below…if not, find your bestie, mix it up and start working it Kendall & Gigi style.

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MK & Ashley

All black everythaaang x Lots of layering x Minimal make-up x Tousled bed hair

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Kendall & King Kylie

Sheer materials, low necklines & extreme embellishments x Keeping it natural a la Kendall, or make-up obsessing with Kyle’s x Sleek & preened to perfection locks

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Kourtney, Koko & Kim

It’s all about the glam x Skin tight & deep plunges all the way x Flawless brows, perfect complections and smokey eyes x Long & lush enviable waves

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Bella & Gigi

Juggling daytime cas’ with night time glam x Reppin’ natural beauty x Legs for dayyys x Beach wave hair days for Gigi & long dark locks for Bella

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