Unwrapped: Christmas Day With Britney B*tch

The big day is upon us, huns!

No matter how you celebrate, there’s some traditions that pretty much every babe can relate to.

Before the festivities begin, we wanted to unwrap the highs, lows and guaranteed going-ons of Christmas Day and who better to help than our saviour Britney Spears!


When you’re woken up at the crack of dawn by the screams of all relatives under the age of six, and you’re hungover AF! Merry f*ckin’ Christmas.


When your good-for-nothing relative buys you clothes in sizes that 100% won’t fit you and you’ve gotta smile and give thanks like you’re not mortified, insulted and furious at the world! Cheers Aunty Kath x Nice one x


Taking your yearly trip to Church with the family and feelin’ blessed that you’ve not lit up in flames the second you walk through the door. Amen!


Taking family photos with cousins you’ve not seen since last year and aunties that you’ve still not accepted on Facebook. SAY CHEESE!


Making out to your Nan like you’re still the butter-wouldn’t-melt, angelic Grandchild of the year. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!


When you’re left with someone’s baby, it’s nappy is heavier than the bags under your eyes and all you want in a Prosecco and Pigs-in-Blankets!


When you’re sat down for Christmas Dinner (FINALLY!) and someone asks “Where’s the Ketchup?” …GTFO!


Finally feelin’ human again after eating your body weight, and more, in Roast Potatoes and Stuffing. HELLO WORLD!

Have a magical Christmas, huns! From all of us at In The Style and everyone’s fave, Britney Spears.

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