Ever since Perrie Edwards dropped that amazing selfie on Instagram we have been in love with the Mermaid Braid! It’s the perfect hairstyle to help you stand out from the crowd, from festival-chic to complementing your expert makeup skills, this braid is the go to look and couldn’t be easier to create.


How to: The Mermaid Braid

#1. Make sure your hair is not freshly washed, or if so comb through some serum to help with the sleekness of the style.

#2. Brush all the hair back off the face and take your front section, tying your bobble in the first pigtail. Make sure it is placed quite far forward as this will be your starting point and you want to fit as many bobbles in as possible to create the style.


#3. From each side tightly pull a section of hair about 4cm wide, making sure it is flat to the side of the head.

#4. Pull the two pieces together in the middle, letting the original pony-tail fall over the top and tie your second bobble in.


#5. It should start to take form, pull the loop between bobbles to desired size.

#6. Repeat above steps until you run out of hair, at this point you can make the style look as neat or messy as you like, pull and tweak braid or add hairspray to preserve the style…Add some sass by straightening or crimping the ends!

Top Tip:

Use clear elastic bands to add effortless chicĀ and suit any hair colour.

Written by Emma Dinnen

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