kylie jenner snake photoshoot

5 Times Kylie Jenner Slayed

Kylie Jenner Flaunt Magazine Barbie

Happy Birthday, Kylie!

Today is the day our fave style icon, Kylie Jenner, turns 20! To celebrate the big day, we’ve rounded up our 5¬†fave Kylie moments where she’s ABSOLUTELY SLAYED!

It was a tough challenge (cos when does she ever NOT look perfect?) but we got there in the end… Keep reading to find out our ultimate fave looks the Kardashi-bae has KILLED recently…

kylie jenner met gala 2016


What was she wearing: A SERIOUSLY embellished Balmain gown

Why do we love it: This look might have physically made Kylie bleed, but can you blame her for not wanting to take it off? MAJOR GOWN GOALS! She looked absolutely UNREAL – who said less is more? We literally can’t take our eyes off this style – WINNER!

kylie jenner snake photoshoot


What was she wearing?: A snake, and little else…

Why do we love it: When we thought Kylie literally couldn’t be anymore on point, she whips out a snake and absolutely SLAYS it. What shoot wouldn’t be complete without stealin’ the crown from Britney?

kylie jenner christina aguilera costume


What was she wearing?: This ICONIC outfit from Christina Aguilera’s DIRRTY video!

Why do we love it: Who doesn’t love a major throwback? This outfit has us all adding crotchless trousers to our shopping lists (jokes, no but really…) and Kylie actually had us crying that we didn’t think of this first – except we’re pretty sure you’d all rather see Kylie Jenner in this look than us…

kylie jenner blonde new york fashion week


What was she wearing?: This insane leather skirt and bodysuit combo

Why do we love it: Kylie is forever surprising us with her new hair styles, and we definitely weren’t expecting her to pull a Kimmy K at that moment, but she did! The style chameleon literally looks amazing with every hair colour she tries… Not jealous at all….

kylie jenner barbie flaunt magazine


What was she wearing?: Styles so hot Nicki Minaj might have worn them during her Pink Friday phase…

Why do we love it: If anyone can out-do Kim Kardashian, it’s Kylie – and she well and truly tipped the scales in this AMAZE photoshoot with Flaunt Magazine. This gal just keeps gettin’ better and better. She made us wanna be Barbie more than actual Barbie did when we were six!

What are your fave Kylie moments, baes? Let us know on social @inthestyleuk!



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