Feelin’ Myself: ITS Self Care Guide

Huns, Valentine’s Day is on it’s way so it’s time to start showin’ love to that one person who matters the most… YOU!

Get settled, grab a cuppa and let us help you help yourself.

Here’s our top tips on lookin’ after #1!

1. Let the music play

Nothin’ soothes the soul like your fave songs.

Get a lush little playlist together of all the best beats, stick your headphones in and lock yourself away from the world.

Havin’ a moment with Queen B will defos have you feelin’ like you can do anything and errrrythang!

2. Get pampered like a prin

Buddah was wearing a face mask when he found his zen, right?!

Okay, maybs not …but getting some boss Beauty bits together for a self-lovin pamper evening will for sure do you the world of good!

Run yourself a bath, get an eye mask on and follow with a major tanning session. You’ll 100% be feelin’ like the prin you are in no time!

3. Spread the luuuuuurve

Start to love yourself by loving errrrrybody else!

Drop your mum a cute AF text. Comment on your besties latest selfie with a billion fire emojis. Flash a smile to that cute old lady from next door.

Makin’ someone else feel good will defos have the same effect on you, boo!

4. Treat yo’self

Fact: There is NOTHING a bit of shopping can’t fix.

Whether you wanna pair your fresh bed-sheets with some super sassy PJs or if you’re after an entirely¬†brand-new look, coppin’ yourself some killer clothes will have you feelin’ yourself to the max!

Reward yourself, sis. You deserve it!

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