Festival season is creeeeepin’ up on us, gals!

Wanna make not washing for four days bearable? Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know before you get to the campsite …and honey, don’t worry, we’re only talkin’ about the important stuff.

Glitter is your new BFF

A couple days without a wash can do serious damage to your barnet, babes! Invest in some glitter, sprinkle it all over your dry AF locks and you’ll be popppppin’ from AM to PM.

Same goes for your face, boo! After a second night of sleepless nights partying your life away, cover your bags with alllll the sparkle and they’ll look designer in no time.

Go back to basics

Babe, keep the smartphone at home. That might give you a Kris Jenner style panic attack but seriously it’s not worth the agg!

Invest in a basic b*tch brick phone that’ll never run out of charge and take all your pics on a super boujee disposable camera. Your shots are guaranteed to come out lookin’ like they’ve been dripped in Kimmy K’s fave IG filter.

Make it a last minute tan

Calling all babes who live to fake tan… when it comes to your pre-festival top-up, make sure it’s a last minute job!

A few days without a wash means your tan defos has a high chance of getting seriously scaly *gasp*.  If you can’t go a few days without a bronzed bod, top up your tan at the last possible second before the fest and you’ll lower your chances of lookin’ like snakeskin on day three #NOTCUTE

Tissues are errrrrrything

See you later boujee Baker Boy hat, tissues are my new best accessory.

Whether it’s for the bogs, your face, your skin or your nose when walkin’ past the toilets, you’re guna wanna stock the f*ck up on tissues! Thank us later, sis.

We hope you survive, hun!

Look fresh in the fields and shop Festival asap, gal.

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