Happy Sunday, huns!

If you ain’t slobbin’ out in your PJs and stuffin’ your face with the finest of foods, you ain’t doin’ it right.

Stuck with what to stick on the box? Here’s our top Netflix suggestions for today’s Sunday chills…

Queer Eye

It’s SO much more than a makeover show – it’s an emotional and spiritual journey. SRSLY!

Get your tissues and best YAAAAAASS at the ready as the Fab Five act as guardian angels to a different subject each episode. You won’t regret it, hun!

The Only Way Is Essex

Facing the dreaded Sunday hangover? Old school TOWIE is the #1 cure. Trust us, hun!

Indulge is vintage eps and have all the LOLs over moments that you forgot even happened. Gemma baking Mick an apple pie, Mark proposing to Lauren round the back of a cafe, Kirk branding Maria Fowler an ‘extra’ …thank you Netflix for hosting such top quality viewing!

Black Mirror

Defos a step away from the tangoed streets of Brentford, Black Mirror will for sure get your brain going this Sunday. Warning: ‘Hang The DJ’¬†will give all you Tinder-ella’s freaky AF feels.

Grab your boyf or bestie for a pure binge sesh!


There is no better relaxed Sunday viewing than Friends. FACT!

Set yourself up for a nothin’ but positive vibes alllllll week by lettin’ Joey and Chandler supply you with some Sunday LOLs.

Take a look at our loungewear for when you just wanna kick back and relax!

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