Christmas day is looming and just as you kick back and begin to enjoy the festivities you realise you still haven’t got around to doing your xmas shopping. In a mad panic you brace yourself to hit the shops, you’ve got this covered, right?


1.  Pure determination

It all starts out well, you leave the house with a positive mind set. You’re determined that you can smash this and find awesome presents for all your family and friends. How hard can this really be?


2. Mass over-crowding!

As soon as you enter the first shop you realise this was a BAD BAD BAD idea! Where have all these people come from? Seriously, how many people exist in the world? Let alone this small town!


3. You can’t find anything you need!

Why is everything so expensive or absolutely rubbish? All the amazing gift ideas you had for your friends and fam have gone totally out the window!

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4. Self loathing

Why do I do this every year? When will I ever learn? You enter a downward spiral of self-loathing and promise that next year will be different!

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5. Distraction

You need cheering up and there is no harm in buying the odd gift for yourself too, it is Christmas after all!

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6.Snack Break

After two hours of hopelessly fighting your way through the crowds and still zero presents purchased your blood sugar levels are low, you’re feeling weak and the smell of food is just too tempting. Time to refuel!

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7. The revival

After a quick snack break you are back on your A-game and ready to smash this mission. You give yourself a pep-talk and get straight back out there.


8. The race is on

Now that you have perked up you unleash your competitive side. Determined to find the ideal gifts you aren’t afraid to play a little dirty and grab that last candle set that your Aunt will love!


9. Satisfaction

You’ve done it! You have achieved the impossible and managed to fight the crowds and buy gifts for everyone on your list. You make your way home with your head held high and a great sense of satisfaction!

giphy (5)

10. Wrapping hell

Upon arriving back at home, you realise you still have to wrap all the presents you have just purchased. Will anyone really notice if their gifts are presented in the shopping bags?

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