We love Christmas with all our sassy little hearts but nothing puts a downer on our vibes like the dreaded office Secret Santa. That sh*t can be tenser than a Love Island re-coupling – trust us!

The super-tight spending budget makes the struggle REAL and WTF are you meant to do when you pair with someone who you’ve barely smiled at once… who the HECK is Sally from Accounts?!

Don’t worry though, huns! #ITSUnwrapped has got yo’ back.

Welcome to your foolproof guide to office Secret Santa…

Your office bestie

Landin’ your work BFF for Secret Santa is both mega fab and a major drab!

Fab: YAAAS! You know exactly what she likes and dislikes.

Drab: How TF are you meant to get her a LIT AF pressie on the budget?

Our killer £10 collection is the perf place to start searchin’! We’ve got so many gorg garms waitin’ to be snapped up for just a tenner. We’ve even got some to-die-for Tammy Hembrow pieces in there that’ll leave your work bestie makin’ you cups of tea for weeks on end!

Our faves are Tammy’s Gold Sequin Bandeau Mini and the delish Blush Satin Wide Leg Trousers. For a tenner, you can’t go wrong!

If you wanna splash out a little more than expected (she is your work bezzie, after all!) our Red Faux Leather Chain Buckle Bag is the one. It’s the colour of the moment and will have your BFF slayin’ all season.

I lit don’t even know her

The worst Secret Santa scenario ever!

When you have to Facebook the girl you’ve been paired with, you know you’re in trouble. But there’s nothing that a little #ITSUnwrapped magic can’t help!

Every gal loves a pamper so an Easy Peel Charcoal Face Mask is a guaranteed winner. Super cheap and super cute!

Even the grumpiest of girls will crack a festive smile at our adorable 3D Slippers! No-one can resist the cute and colourful designs, and there’s nothing like a cosy pair of slippers this time of year.

When in doubt, a Christmas Jumper will always help you out! Grab a knit with a sassy festive slogan and you’ll go from strangers to bezzies in no time. Our Santa Is My Boyfriend number is xmas sass and style all in one!

Your mega swish manager

The pressure is SO on when you land your boss for Secret Santa, but if you make the right choices you could be well in for a pay-rise!*

*Probs not but major brownie points will defo come your way.

Jewellery is a definite crowd-pleaser when it comes to Christmas. Everyone who’s anyone knows that tassel earrings are HAWT RN, so your boss-lady will adore our Navy Art Deco Tassel Earrings. For under a tenner, your bank balance will thank you too!

If you really wanna suck up to the manager, throw a few extra coins towards the given budget and cop a swish clutch bag that will defo help your boss kill it over xmas party season! Our Mustard Faux Suede Clutch Bag is sure to impress.

Tell it like it is with a Sarah Ashcroft BOSS Phone Case! Your office boss-babe will love this little ego boost, and there’s nothing cuter than upgrading your phone.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, holla at our Christmas Shop.

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