ITS Student Starter Pack

Forget the perfect food student starter pack we do fashion, plus pizza is life so we’re all set…

Heading back to uni after the Summer is always tough, or maybe it’s your first time? In that case… heyyy fresher babe!

Either way deciding what to take, what to wear & when to wear it, is a major issue!

Of course all the clothes in the world would be ideal but you’ve got 1 small wardrobe & you’re student loan is going to last umm about a month, so what do you do?


First things first, our basics range is perfect for everyday essentials & absolute must haves! These pieces are all-round winners that can be styled up or down for any occasion! With our wide range of tops and bottoms in multiple colourways, you’ll never get bored, simply mix and match across the range and get the most out of your wardrobe.

STYLE TIP: Team our T-Shirt dresses with cycling shorts and chunky trainers for a laid-back vibe. Going out? Lose the shorts, add a statement belt and heels & you’ve transformed from A girl to THAT girl!


Chilling never looked so good! Take a look through our loungewear to prep yourself for those long days at the library (sorry to bring that up) or cosy nights in (Yaaay!). Try our cute co-ord pieces and dress yourself head to foot in your fave colour or choose from our selection of sweaters… Which team are you on? Cute cropped jumper or Cosy jumper dress???

HINT: Lecture with a Hangover… When you really need to learn but also need to bury your face in the desk? Girl, you KNOW this is what hoodies & sweats are for!


It’s time to doll yourself up babe, you’ve worked hard, you deserve this right?! Plus who said you can’t have bargain drinks & bargain garms?! It’s a night out on a budget and we’re not just talking about the 2-4-1 cocktails… Get your glam on girl, we’re going out out – check out all our stunning dresses to really make a splash!

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THE FINAL WORD: Keep it fresh & don’t forget your student discount hun!

Love from the In The Style team x

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